Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Rescues and relocations are central to the objectives of this website. To have a site that can be found on the internet by those who come across stingless bee colonies in whatever situation, just maybe will increase the survival rate of these compromised colonies. If you have found this site, look further to confirm in fact that you do have stingless bees, read the file in the download section on RESCUES, and contact me if there is a chance that I can help. Even if it just a phone call seeking confirmation and a bit of information, I am happy to contribute to the survival of a stingless bee colony.

To summarize, I am prepared to come to retrieve a stingless bee colony when it is found in a downed tree or a tree to be felled. Occasionally I will not be able to make it, but in the majority of occasions I will be there to stabilize a damaged colony for transport, and remove it from the site.
I have a safety Blue Card, and a chainsaw certificate so am able to enter construction sites if this is necessary.

If you find a stingless bee colony in a tree that has been felled, in firewood on the ground, in a watermeter pit in the way of a plumber, any situation in which the colony needs to be removed , just give me a call, land line or mobile. Even an email should get me there reasonably quickly.

Bob the Beeman